Biomes: A community of living creatures.

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Definition of Biomes.

The largest geographic biotic unit, a major community of plants and animals with similar life forms and environmental conditions. It includes various community and is named for the dominant type of vegetation.


Life on earth exists within a complex bubble called the biosphere, the only one so far is known in the universe. Extending from the floor of the ocean to about six miles above sea level, the biosphere depends on the interaction of several large systems to process energy from the sun: the atmosphere (which provides oxygen), the hydrosphere (water in the ground in the ocean), and the lithosphere (the land itself)

Several classifications systems have been devised to organize Eath's life-forms. most take into account temperature, climate, and neighboring life-forms within a region. The basic unit is called a biome, a geographic concept that can refer to areas on different continents that still share similar climates, terrains, and living things. Biomes are typically grouped according to dominant types of trees and grasses.

Although agriculture and human population growth have altered the distribution of plant and animal species, biome classifications are based on the living things that would naturally exist in the area without human intervention. The presence of specific plants or animals is not as important as the forms of life involved: The Rain forests of Africa and South America. for example, all contain vines and monkeys, through the individual species vary widely.

All Earth's biomes sum up into the biosphere- a dynamic, complex network that supports a wide variety of life, form minuscule bacteria to 80-foot blue whales, and the only one so far known in the universe.

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